I am applying for the Apple Distinguished Educator program, and I am as nervous as the day I had to defend my college senior thesis or when I had to face off with the driver who rammed into my car (the experience that scared me away from driving).

But as my boss said, this is my year, and this is the year I empower myself to do both what I need and want to do.

So for this year’s goals, I have the following (so far):

  • get into ADE
    • finish video
  • fix this blog
    • get a domain
  • get a driver’s license
    • enroll in a driving school
    • go to LTO and ace that driving exam
  • travel
    • if I get into the ADE program, I get to go to Australia
    • go to Davao for friend’s wedding
    • go to the beach
  • fix the grades 11-12 English curriculum
  • and accomplish all duties and responsibilities for the new school year

Wish me luck!


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