Disclaimer: This is a rant. I have not proofread or revised this. This is the raw first draft.


Let me start by saying that I totally get why we need K-12 in this country. I get it. I do.

The problem is I don’t think the Department of Education really thought about the senior high school program. They want the kids to study 80 hours per subject with an average of 8 subjects per semester. We (teachers and students) are in the classroom from 7:30 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, and in some schools, they stay longer than that.

How are teachers and students supposed to be productive if there’s very little time outside the classroom to recharge or do homework, which, at that level, also requires field work.

That’s another problem. The 80-hour requirement has a provision for field work. That means that not all hours have to be spent inside the classroom. Teachers can send students out to do research or interviews, and this counts towards the required amount of hours. How then is the school supposed to keep track of this? How is DepEd supposed to verify that schools are keeping track of this?

Another beef I have with this arrangement is that a lot of the lessons could have been taught already in the lower grades. In evaluating possible textbooks for my English classes, I found that some have chapters on the writing process, and when I double checked the curriculum from DepEd, I saw that there was indeed lessons on the writing process, brainstorming, outlining… all of which are lessons we had already covered in the lower grades.

If this is an indication of the skills that the public school students need, then I think that DepEd needs to rethink the curriculum from Kinder all the way to grade 10. Not only that, they need to work with the private sector, at least the private schools, to help them give teacher training for the public school teachers who may need refresher courses on these skills.

(K. That just gave me an idea for a project.)

I am overwhelmed by the amount of work we teachers have to do, and I am overwhelmed also for the kids who are getting zero sleep over the amount of work they have to do and topics they have to study.

Don’t make us hate learning, DepEd.


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