by Miguel R.

The Hall…

It was the middle of the afternoon, and the great hall was full of empty chairs. There was no sound to be heard. You can only hear the soft blowing of the air conditioner. This peaceful moment did not last long. Soon, students began to enter the hall, and the silence was broken. It is as if the speaking began once their feet began to traverse the great hall. It was an institutional mass. The students were conversing as they got to their seats, and it got noisier. You would think the noise would get louder and louder as time went on, but something happened. The chaos began to die down, and you wonder why it did. You soon see that there was someone who caused the assembly’s voices to die down. It was the student supervisor, Mr Domingo.

Mr. Domingo works with great enthusiasm as he walks within the campus of Xavier School Nuvali  As the student supervisor, he works to maintain discipline and form the students in the campus. Like all people, they have to have a reason why they are doing what they are doing right now.

From there it led me to here…

Before becoming the student supervisor we all know today, he graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of the Philippines. With his degree, he desired a job in the corporate setting. After his graduation, his aunt who happened to be the former assistant principal of Xavier School San Juan asked him if he was interested in working there, and he took the opportunity. He took his first job in ODS or the Office of Discipline and Services. Looking back at the experience, Mr. Domingo  that “from there, it led me to here.”

It was May 1996 when he began working at Xavier School San Juan, and after 4 years he became the prefect of discipline. This means that he was in charge of all of the grade school student supervisors at the time, and he also managed the major disciplinary cases within the student body. The cases he would handle would usually involve students fighting each other or students who attempt to cheat in academic projects.

Soon, when Xavier School Nuvali opened in 2012, Mr. Domingo was asked if he wanted to relocate to Laguna. At the time he was already married Mrs. Domingo, and he also had 2 daughters. Mr Domingo said that one of the reasons why they relocated to Laguna was the fact that Nuvali was a coed school or a school that accepts both male and female students.

They can be brutally honest…

When asked about what wakes him up every day to do his job besides his family, Mr. Domingo gratefully says that he likes to interact and go with kids. By kids, he means those who still have that childhood “innocence” within themselves. He recalls that the kids can be “brutally honest” and “very cute at times.” He recalls one student that asked him if he was the principal of the school. He also recalls a time when another student asked him if he sleeps in the school itself. Finally, he even met a student in the supermarket who asked him why he was in the supermarket and not in school. These instances with the younger students are what make Mr. Domingo want to get up everyday and do his job. He agrees that this is the part of his job that has the most fun, and it drives him more to form them as persons for others.

I always see the bright side…

Whenever Mr. Domingo sees a conflict among students in school, he always sees the bright side of it. He says that he does not see the conflict itself, but he sees it as an “opportunity” to resolve or settle the conflict.

It’s quite educational…

Today, Mr. Domingo is not the only student supervisor on campus. With a larger volume of students and the recent addition of senior high school, there is a need to divide the workload with more student supervisors. Some of the newer student supervisors include Mr. Antonio Lapid and Ms. Jovel Autor, who both had backgrounds in corporate businesses. Mr. Domingo finds it “quite educational” since he has the chance to teach them how to do work as student supervisors. “For them,” as Mr. Domingo puts it, “they didn’t have any experience working as student supervisors”. With the new supervisors in their 20’s already, Mr. Domingo would tell them that “I’m also as old as you. I’m also 21… Years of service.”

The microphone will be a big help…

One of the things that Mr. Domingo as student supervisor is the large task of seating the students during institutional masses. Here, Mr. Domingo is a prominent figure who is seen on top of the stage in the multi-purpose hall. During these times, it is his job along with the class advisors to keep the noise to the minimum, and keep them disciplined as well.

Whenever the students are not behaving, he said that “the microphone would be a big help” since he says that it is “overpowering”. However, he says that the microphone’s overpowering properties can be used with a “softer tone”. Mr. Domingo could just greet all of the students with a calm “good morning” while being heard by a lot of people. His way of reducing the noise of the students is by drawing their attention to himself so that the students are reminded that someone is speaking in front.

The final words…

With the noise level down, Mr. Domingo greets the students with a “good morning” and the students did the same. The students kept their noise level down and waited for the mass to start. The veteran supervisor is impressed with the behavior of the students. The mass in the great hall begins, and the students It’s a job well done and he smiles to himself that he is a big part in the lives of these students by guiding them to be good and disciplined students.


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