Before I get all rambly here, let me just say this about me: I ramble a lot.

I am an English teacher. I’ve taught grade school and high school English, and I’ve also done some storytelling sessions for the Kinder kids (happy chaos!).

My love for literature and grammar-nazism is something I hope to pass on to my students. I am a huge fan of Google Suite for Education as I’ve been a Google user since Gmail was in beta eons ago. I am also an Apple product user, but I must say that my hardware is limited to a MBP 2012 and iPhone 6. My teacher salary cannot afford anything more. In any case, I prefer using Apple’s iWork suite over anything else (except for Numbers. MS Excel is just more powerful and less annoying to configure than Numbers).

I would like to learn how to edit photos and videos like a pro, but I don’t have the attention span for it. I have, for now, settled for Snapchat vids and Instagram photos.

This about page shall be updated with something more coherent once I’ve figured out how to make this theme work for me. 🙂

My old personal blog is here while my old teaching blog is here. Neither have been updated recently.