No teaching load? No problem!

This year, my teaching load was taken from me so that I can focus on my new responsibilities as a member of the Student Activities Program (under the Principal's Office team). But because my heart is in English, I'm still tapped to substitute during times when an English teacher is absent. I've said this before … Continue reading No teaching load? No problem!


Choose your own assessment

Twitter's a real haven for ideas for education. One of the things I picked up from the educators I follow was a "choose your own assessment" type of, well, assessment for the students. I liked the idea, and I didn't really expect to try it out so soon, but, you know, you gotta listen to … Continue reading Choose your own assessment

Hacking Learning

There was an edu chat on Twitter last night using the hashtag #HackLearning, and while I didn't actively participate, I did spot something that struck me: I initially followed educator Joy Kirr because she had a lot of experience with #GeniusHour, and I've always loved what she shares. This particular tweet, though, made me literally … Continue reading Hacking Learning