The XSN Spark

One of the projects I had in mind that finally launched this year is the creation of the online paper. Moderator Mrs. Loanzon took my old proposal, super jazzed it up and made it better, and worked with her team of dedicated students to finally push through with the website. The XSN Spark only has … Continue reading The XSN Spark



by Rianna G. A 9-year-old boy opens his eyes and finds the sun’s rays piercing through his open window, indicating that he’d better get up and begin his regular weekend routine. With a yawn, he rises from bed, slides his slippers on his young feet, and (on his shoulders) slings on his most trusted companion: … Continue reading Kuya


by Ralph A. Work is hard, very hard. As an adult, it gets worse, and for Mrs. Nereyda Garcia, it’s not simply being an adult. It’s being a mother of three, a teacher of many, a supervisor of many events in Xavier School Nuvali, and a person of her own. To her, however, each of … Continue reading 3-in-1